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The Bunny Patch is a small farm and we may not always have the goat you are looking for. Below are a few farms that I have a personal knowledge and friendship with. They are ethical, honest and have excellent goats for both milk and show. Their farms are of the highest standards and their goats are healthy and disease free.

Kristine from leisuretime Dairy Goats. She has outstanding goats plus she makes and sells amazing goat milk soap.


Jodi McDowell from Stayawhile Farm near Poulsbo has award winning milk and show goats.

Lisa from Oly Ridge is another small farm. She focuses on natural practices for the care of her goats. She is a great resource for natural animal care.

Useful websites to check out. 

Want to learn more about Hypocalcemia in goats? This website is highly informative about the subject:

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