Kid's for Sale

Our 2020 kids start arriving in February!

Breeding Schedule

MinterBay EI Baby Doll

BLUE  eyes 

Bunny Patch Toshiro *B


Two naughty boys had a date with Dolly Kid's will be DNA tested.  

Mistwood PC Bitty Love Storm

Bunny Patch Toshiro *B


Bred: 11/1/2019


KW Farms BR White Romance 1M

BLUE  eyes 

Short On Heaven 

Texas Ranger

Bred: 11/30/2019

Blue eyes possible


  Does $400

Bunny Patch MS Trella Fae


Bred: 10/21/2019

Due: 3/14/2020

Moonspots possible


  Does $300

Bunny Patch Toshiro *B


 reservation requests are free. Half the balance is due when the kid is 3 weeks of age, the balance is due at pick up.