Stayawhile GK Hiraku *B  "Monty" 

Born 12-08-2014     Brown eyes

Black and White

SGCH AGS Honey Goat Blondie 1M

Photo courtesy of Stayawhile farm

SG Rosasharn SH Guyku +*B

Photo courtesy of Stayawhile farm

ARMGCH SG Rosasharn P Haiku 5*D 5*M         

VEEE91 @5-2

VVEE88@7 yrs

VEE 90@4yrs

Hiraku is the grand son of the legendary CH Rosasharn P Haiku 5*D, 5*M who has the following wins in her impressive resume:
                                2010 ADGA National Champion SR Doe
                                2010 Top Ten ADGA does in Butterfat and Protein
                                2011 ADGA National Total Performer
                                2011 ADGA National Res. Best Udder
                                2011 ADGA Top Ten Milk, Butterfat, and Protein                                                (information courtesy of Stayawhile farm)

The Bunny Patch Toshiro *B 


Super friendly & gentle like his parents. Toshiro is a very happy go lucky kind of guy. He is laid back and easy to handle and loves going on herd walks.  He has a nice topline, straight toes, thick strong neck, big beautiful head, hips thurls and pin bones are wide and well placed. He is built a lot like his grand sire Newsworthy, stout and stocky but still refined. His dam has a great udder and the milk flows in a wide steady stream. comes from good show and dairy lines. Dam got her dairy star in all 3 categories as a FF.. He will have kids on the ground around Valentines and early March. 

Sire: Stayawhile GK Hiraku *B D1717867
   SS : SG Rosashorn SH Guyku +*B D1578199
     SD: SGCH AGS Honeygoat Blondie 1*M D1582972
GR. Grand Dam: Rosasharn P Haiku 4*M D1408649 
2009 Senior grand champion & best of breed
2010 Senior reserve champion
2010 ADGA Grand Champion

Dam: Oly Ridge Cuppa Cocoa 3M D1802092 FF starred in all 3 areas!
  DS: SG Stayawhile TV Newsworthy +B D1672366
  DD: SG Stayawhile BS Mica Black  2M D626576

His littermate sister, Elise, placed 3rd twice at the all breed goat show in Monroe in May. 

and 5th, 6th and 3th at the Spokane show in June.

Dam Oly Ridge Cuppa Cocoa 3*M FF 12 hr. fill udder 

Sire Stayawhile GK *B Hiraku

Dam: OLY RIDGE CUPPA COCOA 3*M                          DS:  SG Stayawhile TV Newsworthy +*B +VE82 @1yr

     DD: SG Stawhile BS Mica Black 2*M VVV+85      Sire: STAYAWHILE GK HIRAKU *B

     SS: SG Rosasharn SH Guyku +*B VEE90                    SD: SGCH AGS Honey Goat Blondie 1*M VVEE88

The Bunny Patch Toshiro *B

Born 2-2-2018    Brown eyes

Broken buckskin with white poll

DD. Stayawhile BS Mica Black  2*M  12 hr. fill udder

VVV+ 85 FF score



Born 3-10-2013    Blue eyes

Lt. Buckskin; moonspots

Dam: SG PHOLIA FARM DN MARTHA 3*M         DS: GCH Pholia Farm CF Doenut A1 +*B

            DD: SG Pholia Farm RA Puzzle 2*M           Sire: SG SUGAR MOON ROCKY DOLBY +*B

          SS: SG NC Promisedland Ram-Beau +*B              SD: SG NC Promisedland Pal Paloma 1*M


Born 2-28-13   Blue eyes



Born 6-19-15   Brown eyes

BLACK  w/ moonspots and waddles  

To quote his owner, Lisa, Cruzie passes along his sweet friendly personality to all his kids. Cruzie is a power buck with fantastic genetics. 

Sire: Sire: Rosasharn NP Honey Moon Cruz *B; VVE 87
     SS. Sire: Rosasharn AX Noble Prince
          SS:  Rosasharn AL's Astrix
          SD;. Rosasharn TL Queen Bee 
     SD:  Rosasharn BB Honey Moon
          DS: Rosasharn WT B-BO
          DD: Rosasharn's Buckwheat Honey

Dam: SG Stayawhile BS Mica Black 2*M; VVV+ 85
     DS: Poppy Patch CB Blacksmith
         SS:Rosasharn GX Cadbury
             SS:Rosasharn's TL Galaxy

             SD:Rosasharn Tom's Bit-O-Honey

         SD: Poppy Patch RC Cherish
              DS: Twin Creeks Rebel W/O A Cause
​              DD: Esperanza ZZ Charity
     DD: SGCH AGS Honey Goat Blondie 1*M, VVEE88
          DS: VOB Blessy's Joker
              SS: Irish Whisper Heartbreaker
              SD: MCH SCF Blessing
          DD: Sugar Creek MT Tressa
               DS: MCH Gay-Mor Domino's Mantis +S ++B, EX 90
               DD: WGF Sally 2*D AR1532